Transfer Student (Domestic)

Transfer Applications

Transfer students are those who are currently attending a college or university, or who have attended a college or university after finishing high school. We consider all students who fit either of these criteria to be transfer students, regardless of the amount of college credit completed.

  • Students with fewer than 30 semester hours will have to submit their high school transcripts and test scores, despite being classified as a transfer student.
  • Students currently in high school and taking classes at a college or university are generally not considered transfer students and should apply as first-year/freshmen applicants.
  • If you are planning to transfer from a two-year college in the Chicagoland area, please refer to our transfer credit guidelines. The link below provides a guide for selecting courses from partner institutions for the major of interest.

Application — Free to Apply

Common Application

Please mail supporting documents to:

Office of Undergraduate Admission
10 West 33rd Street
Perlstein Hall, Room 101
Chicago, IL 60616

Application Requirements and Steps

  1. Application for Admission
    Submit your completed application online or by paper. Illinois Tech accepts the Common Application and paper application, and considers both equally but greatly prefer online submissions. After you have written your essay, send it along with any supplemental information.
  2. Letter of Recommendation
    If you are currently enrolled in school, have a professor or academic counselor complete the evaluation form included in your application and submit it directly to the Illinois Tech Office of Undergraduate Admission. If you have been out of school for a length of time and cannot obtain an academic recommendation from someone who knows you well, you may substitute an employer as your evaluator. We require one letter of recommendation but up to three maybe submitted.Instructors Evaluation Form (PDF)
  3. Official School Transcripts
    Have the registrar from all colleges/universities send a copy of your official transcript(s) to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. We require transcripts from all colleges attended, regardless of financial or academic standing, length of attendance, or length of time since attendance.
  4. Test Scores
    If you have fewer than 30 semester hours of transferable college work earned after secondary school graduation, you must submit:

    • Official transcripts from all secondary schools attended
    • ACT or SAT I scores

    Have official SAT I or ACT scores sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Illinois Tech’s SAT code is 1318; the ACT code is 1040.

  5. If you are interested in any of our dual admission programs, please click here. Information about our special programs can be found here.

Admission Requirements

Transfer students are admitted for both the fall and spring semesters. Students are admitted on a rolling basis. You should complete your application as soon as possible. Applications for the fall semester should be completed by August 1; applications for spring semester should be completed by November 15.

Transfer applicants must be in good academic standing at the college most recently attended to be considered for admission to Illinois Tech. Students currently on academic probation, or who have been dismissed for academic or other reasons, will not be considered for transfer admission. Students must also be in good financial standing at all previously attended colleges/universities.

Transfer admission is based on a cumulative grade point average (GPA) and individual grades in all classes that apply to the major you wish to study at Illinois Tech. It is highly recommended that you have completed 30 credit hours, have taken physics and/or calculus, and that you are in good standing academically and financially.

Application Deadlines

Transfer to College of Architecture — Portfolio Review Requirement


To visit our main website, click here.


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