Illinois Tech Events

College is all about experiences. The programs, events, and traditions offered by the Office of Student Life and IIT’s 120+ student organizations are an important enhancement of the college experience. Here are just a few of the events our students look forward to…

Taste of the Quad takes place during the first week of fall classes, hosted by the fraternities and sororities of IIT.  Featuring food, music and carnival games, it is one of the largest social events on campus all year and designed to entertain and feed a large number of IIT students, incoming and returning, Greek and non-Greek alike.

The Pumpkin Launch is an annual event in which student teams compete by building medieval siege engines to launch pumpkins; teams are evaluated both on distance and accuracy.

Homecoming is a traditional celebration of IIT spirit, hosted in the fall of each year.   This week long series of events is full of pride and excitement.  Homecoming festivities include athletic events, spirit competitions, a carnival and the Homecoming Dance.

International Fest is hosted by the International Student Organization each semester to spread the rich cultures and traditions of IIT’s student population.  Organizations representing countries and ethnic groups from around the globe present a variety of food and entertainment from their culture.

Midnight Breakfast rewards our late-night studiers during exam week with a midnight breakfast on the Tuesday of finals week in both the spring and fall semesters.

Spring Formal allows students to experience a night out in the City of Chicago. An evening of dinner and dancing, this event is one of the highlights of the spring semester and brings the end of the academic year to a close.

Greek Week is a celebration of pride and spirit in IIT’s fraternity and sorority community.  Held in the spring of each year, the ten Greek chapters on campus compete in games that test both mind and body.

Stress Free Zone is a chance to work off the steam created during finals week. Puzzles, games and snacks gives students a perfect break from cramming for finals each semester.


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