What’s the Deal with IIT Potato?

Maybe you’ve seen this:

iit potato comments 2

Or comments like these:

iit potato comments

Or this:

potato definition

Or even this:

iit potato comments 3Maybe you feel out of the loop, like you missed an important meeting where potatoes became more significant than other root vegetables. Maybe you’re confused about how all this potato business even started.

For the sake of the IIT community, I decided to ask the creator (remaining anonymous to keep incoming students guessing) how IIT Potato came to be:

cam iit potato

It may not make a lot of sense. But what at IIT really does? We are a student body like none other. We love the internet. We love having fun. We love inside jokes. Most importantly, we love potatoes.

Like IITPotato? Make it official! Click here to like the Facebook page.

iit potato header


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