What’s the Deal with IIT Potato?

Maybe you’ve seen this:

iit potato comments 2

Or comments like these:

iit potato comments

Or this:

potato definition

Or even this:

iit potato comments 3Maybe you feel out of the loop, like you missed an important meeting where potatoes became more significant than other root vegetables. Maybe you’re confused about how all this potato business even started.

For the sake of the IIT community, I decided to ask the creator (remaining anonymous to keep incoming students guessing) how IIT Potato came to be:

cam iit potato

It may not make a lot of sense. But what at IIT really does? We are a student body like none other. We love the internet. We love having fun. We love inside jokes. Most importantly, we love potatoes.

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14 Bridgeport Spots That Every IIT Student Has to Visit

map of bport

Some but not all of my favorite spots in Bridgeport. 80% sure there will be a part 2.

1. Rocky’s Sports Bar and Grill

There are no sure things in life… except that every IIT student ends up at Rocky’s at least once during their college career. Whether it’s for a Blackhawks game, a friend’s 21st birthday celebration, or a tip-matching night for an IIT student org, Rocky’s is always a great time.

2. Maxwell Street Depot

It’s also guaranteed that you will eat at Maxwell Street (affectionately called “Ghetto Dog”) after midnight at some point as an IIT student. Open 24/7, Maxwell Street has been serving hot dogs, burgers, and polishes to generations of IIT party people.

3. Jackalope Coffee and Tea

If you’re looking for an off campus study spot, Jackalope is the place to go. A+ coffee, sandwiches, and donuts, free wifi, and cool art to look at while you’re procrastinating on your lab report.

4. Cermak Produce

Cermak is the best grocery store ever. Cheaper than Jewel, great produce and meat selection, and a lot of Mexican and Chinese products.

5. Unique Thrift

IIT students love thrifting and Unique at 31st street has got the goods for cheap! My best finds: two vintage Coach purses and a rabbit fur coat. My goofiest finds: an all jean jumpsuit and a porcelain bust of an old man. Every Monday is 50% off!

6. Buffalo Wings and Rings

Wings and Rings is Bridgeport’s version of Buffalo Wild Wings. A popular spot for watching sports during the week and maxing out on delicious meat dishes with your buddies.

7. Ferro’s

Ferro’s has the best Italian beef and Italian ice. Pretty much all there is to know. Visit at the beginning of the school year because it’s closed during the winter.

8. US Cellular Field

What other schools are in walking distance to an MLB stadium? Be on the lookout for free/discounted tickets from IIT’s Office of Campus Life.

9. Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar

This is the place to take your out of town friends to show them how cool your life in Chicago is. A liquor store in the front, and a bar with a patio in the back, Maria’s has a great vibe and a huge drink selection. I hate the term hipster, but Maria’s is a hipster mecca.

10. Augustine’s Authentic Spiritual Goods

Augustine’s is one of my favorite occult stores in Chicago. Spiritual items abound: candles, incense, literature, herbs, oils, charms… you name it, you’ll probably find it.

11. Bridgeport Coffee Company

Bridgeport Coffee is another IIT favorite. Not only is it a great place to study, but the quality of their coffee is amazing. They sell bags of coffee too!

12. Zaytune’s

Best Mediterranean food. Done.

13. Carbon Live Fire Grill

I heard the other day that Carbon was ranked to have the best Mexican food in the city (a huge thing to say about a Mexican restaurant in Chicago). I don’t know if that’s true, but Carbon is definitely my favorite restaurant in Bridgeport. The best thing about Carbon: they deliver to campus.

14. Co-Prosperity Sphere

Co-Prosperity Sphere is way more than just a gallery. It’s basically a giant room that hosts events, live music, and art exhibits. The space can be rented out, so if you want to throw the greatest party ever, look no further.



Emily Warman

3rd year CS Undergrad