Things That I Didn’t Know About IIT (that everyone should)

1. So many energy projects


Assembling the Wind Turbine by Stuart Field

Seriously, so many. IIT operates three advanced wind turbines for research purposes. There’s a Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Station on campus with nine electric vehicle charging stations. IIT’s Galvin Center and the US Department of Energy developed the first functional smart microgrid in the country through a $13 million partnership—and it’s on our campus. The university also sponsors a ton of research on clean coal technologies and electric vehicles.


IIT’s WISER Facilities

IIT’s commitment to energy is making a huge impact locally and globally. The school just received a $3 million dollar grant from the USDA to implement microgrid technology at the University of the British Virgin Islands. IIT leads a similar project in Korea. The university also works with the City of Chicago to expand the use of solar power in the city.


Check out:


2. Tech Park

You could think of Tech Park as a farm for technology companies. Startup ventures rent state-of-the art labs and office space in IIT buildings. The startups eventually blossom into companies that employ hundreds of people (and they love hiring IIT students and grads). Tech Park currently hosts around two dozen companies and has helped to launch 30 startups since its inception.


One of the many research facilities in Tech Park

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3. We’re a part of the NCAA Division III


Newly turfed Stuart Field– check out that skyline in the background!

IIT transitioned from the NAIA to NCAA Division III in 2012. The D3 jump has led (and will lead) to a lot of facility improvements and the addition of new sports teams. This year, we added a women’s lacrosse team and updated Stuart Field to turf.


4. Greek Life

Yes, IIT has Greek life! Chapters on campus include Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Sigma Phi, Delta Tau Delta, Kappa Phi Delta, Omega Delta, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Kappa Sigma, Triangle, and Zeta Pi Omega—3 sororities and 6 fraternities. IIT is the only university in Chicago with sorority houses, deftly circumventing a Chicago brothel law preventing too many women from living under one roof. Something especially unique about IIT’s Greek life: all houses surround a big, grassy quad on campus, which creates a special sense of community between the chapters.


A map of the quad, located just south of the MTCC


The brothers of Pi Kappa Phi hanging out on the porch during the first warm day of 2014


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