Spotlight On… TEDxIIT

On Saturday, April 5, the 4th annual TEDxIIT conference was held in the IIT Tower Auditorium. Per usual, the event was extremely successful.


“The IIT community loves TED. This year, over two hundred people wanted a ticket! Unfortunately per TED rules, we are only allowed to have a hundred people in the auditorium itself. If you didn’t get a seat in the auditorium, we encouraged you to join the ‘overflow section’ in the Tower lobby,” said President Isabelle Romero. Isabelle and a huge team of student volunteers put together this year’s TEDxIIT event, aptly titled “Infinite Impact.”


The team definitely prepared for an infinite impact. Planning for this year’s event began right after the 2013 TEDxIIT last spring. Team members were responsible for securing volunteers and sponsors, handling registration, and advertising the event. Most importantly, they had to find the speakers. The team selected each very deliberately, targeting IIT students, alumni, faculty, and community members at the cutting edge of their fields. According to the TEDxIIT website,

“Speakers are from all areas including: Design, Entertainment, Technology, Smart Grid Innovation, Renewable Energy, Diversity, Interdisciplinary/Entrepreneurship Education, Eco-architectural Design, Biomedical Engineering, Music, Food, Social Development, Neuroscience, and more. No religious or political ideas.”


       This year’s conference featured twelve speakers from six countries. All were from different professional and educational backgrounds, allowing everyone to offer a unique point of view. The mix of speakers not only made the event more interesting, but also aptly represented the diversity of the IIT community.


       Planning for TEDxIIT 2015 will not begin until next fall. Incoming freshman, you have a chance to be a part of this amazing event! For more information about TEDxIIT (including speaker bios, talks, and photos), you can visit


Check out some talks!


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