At Illinois Tech, the “Freshman Fifteen” isn’t quite what you’d think…

The term “Freshman Fifteen” typically refers to weight that students gain during their first year living on campus. However, at IIT, the Freshman Fifteen has a much more enjoyable meaning.

The Illinois Tech Freshman Fifteen is a series of fifteen events that showcase a sampling of fun events that IIT offers to students. Student organizations and departments submit entries to be considered for the Freshman Fifteen lineup, and are selected to provide a diverse representation of the areas of student and departmental programming. Attendance is not mandatory, but students who attend at least 10 of the 15 events are entered into a raffle to win some pretty awesome prizes!

 Here is a list of awesome events students participated in this semester:


The last remaining Freshman Fifteen event is Illinois Tech’s traditional Late Night Breakfast at 10 p.m. on December 3rd in The Commons. At Late Night Breakfast, students can take a break from cramming and relax with their friends to refuel before heading back to their residence hall to continue to prepare for the finals week ahead.

As a Peer Mentor with the Office of Campus Life, I’ve gotten to see a ton of first-year students attend the events and have a great time! It’s wonderful to see such an investment in getting new students immersed in the IIT community.

To learn more about the Freshman Fifteen, the First Year Experience program, or anything else about cool events that Illinois Tech’s campus has to offer, be sure to visit the IIT Office of Campus Life’s website here.


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